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LIGHTING IN YOUR STAND: Always essential and sometimes little valued

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in the design of a space, especially considering that very rarely we will have natural light in a stand. On the one hand, it allows visitors to observe everything that surrounds them, but lighting also allows us to highlight those areas or products to which we want to give more prominence, [...]

Activities in your stand: An experience to live it

Within a stand, not everything revolves around the products and services (which of course are always protagonists). It's about going a little further and surprising the visitor, leaving a mark and making them remember the visit as an experience. This time, continuing with our idea of ​​approaching the latest innovations and suggestions for your "Stand Experience" to be a [...]

The catering of your stand: an experience with 5 senses

Catering can be an art and a very useful tool when interacting with customers visiting the stand. As we would say colloquially: "conquest by the stomach" and thus complete an experience that lasts in the memory of those who visit us. VARIED OPTIONS There are different options that we can choose, in case we want to add the "gastronomic" [...]

Be different when it comes to exhibiting your product

There is an evolution in the ways of exhibiting a product, from the most standard and traditional to the most innovative, which have to do with the user's experience, so that you not only remember the product itself, but also enjoy it, value it more positively and have a story to tell. Creating a shopping experience that exceeds the [...]


I am Rosa Gándara, manager and co-founder of CXP, and I want to explain who we are and how we like to work, although some of you know us well. NEW LOGO AND CLAIM We have renewed our image, adapting it to new trends, new times and what we want to achieve: that CXP is "much more than stands". [...]